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Freya (aka Johanna)
24 June
And here is my journal! I like to talk about a lot of different things -- I complain and celebrate in equal measure, I think, though I try to do more of the latter than that of the former, LOL!

Mostly I talk about fashion, sewing and the saga of FIDM. I graduated from FIDM - Los Angeles on March 23rd, 2009 with a degree in Fashion Design (Professional Designation). I have a great love for contemporary and historical fashions and am blessed to have access to FIDM's Study Collection, which lets students and alumni handle, study, and photograph historic originals dating from as far back as the late 18th C.

I'm a technical designer in the fashion industry and really enjoy it! At some point in my life I'd like to further my education with an MA in textile conservation (FIT, I'M LOOKING YOUR WAY) and have my own business freelancing for museums, private collectors, and the like. If some museum would hire me full-time, EVEN BETTER!

I avidly collect antique fashion and embroidery templates (1780-1840), 18th C. textiles, screen-worn movie costumes, and vintage/antique clothing. I like to jokingly call it my dowry!

For inspiration I draw on art in all its forms, from painting to architecture to music and dance -- the more creativity I surround myself with, the better!

A final note: I can be shy about some things (example: I'm not brave enough to dress up in historic or movie/TV costumes in public) so this journal is friends-only. In order for me to friend you, you must have been referred by a friend I already have (and I check with them, trust me!) or already be an acquaintance of mine in some capacity. I'm not trying to be anti-social, I'm just selective and careful :)