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After an incredible and fruitful afternoon fabric-shopping with mara_jade_az, it was off to a very fun dinner to meet more online friends! We had a blast and I'm so glad we planned this get-together. It's great to finally meet the people who spend so much time writing a communal storyline with you :)

Then today, totally on the spur of the moment, I decided I'd pop into CIV after all. I am actually glad I went and I think I did it the perfect way. I arrived at 3, wandered through the halls, saw the costumes and props and paintings from the archives (zOMG RAPLH MCQUARRIE!!!!), the R2 builders, snapped pics of the props on display throughout the con, and then went to the Pink Five panel. I absolutely loved it. I've been a P5 fan for a couple of years and was really excited to see all of the installments plus a sneak peek at the newest and final one (it's really good, and hilarious as usual!) The cast and crew were all there and I had a great time.

Being the easily overloaded person I am, I was thankful that things wound down around 7 and I went home really amped up (I can't even imagine what would have happened to me had I been there longer... I probably would have shut down!) and glad that I saw a bunch of stuff!

As for my fabric haul from Saturday, BOY AM I GLAD I went to M. Levine's! They had a huge discount on their inventory of silks and I picked up fabric for my vintage Vogue 1920s pattern (hooray for silks!) and an absolutely charming retro 1920s silk print (see a theme here?) and some grey silk for a slip underneath dress #2. My haul from Mike's was a beautiful mint-green rayon for a sundress, a silk print for a skirt for my mom, and an irridescent blue/old gold fabric for a Regency dress. 6 yards, folks. It's totally going to have a train LOL. I don't care if they didn't have poly back then, the fabric was just too pretty to resist! Then at Em-Be I picked up THE MOST KILLER silk. It's light as air, feels like water, and is the most incredible shade of old gold that I've ever seen. mara_jade_az remarked that it looks like liquid gold. I've earmarked it for a 1930s evening gown and now am on the hunt for rhinestone clips to attach to the straps!

I am so excited about all my projects!
Can I just say that MY BROTHER ROCKS?

No, really. He's awesome. He proved his engineering worth (LOL) to me today by dismantling my laptop, re-soldering the a/c input component to the motherboard (it had come loose over a year ago and was giving me a HORRIBLE TIME and my battery would not charge and so I had not used this computer since last July), and reassembling the whole deal. WOW. Double cool, because now I know how to do it too! I had not expected my Toshiba to be a top-down thing, I had thought I was going to remove the bottom, but it's just a matter of popping off the top and going from there!

Now my laptop is nice and clean (good to get 5 years' worth of dust out of there!) and charging. HAPPY LITTLE SPARKY!!!

Najib, you rock. I <3 your l33t sk1llz!

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